Living and Work Guidebook for Foreigners


Procedures for Foreign Residence

Issue of residence card・Procedures relating to status of residence・Re-entry Permission・Notifications that Mid-to-long-term ・residents must file・Procedures for Deportation・Procedures for Refugee Status Recognition


Procedures at a Municipal Office

Basic Resident Registration System・Notification of Address・My Number System・ Report of a Birth・ Notification of Marriage ・Notification of Death, Registration of a Seal (Hanko) Impression


Employment / Working in Japan

In event of work-related trouble・Basic knowledge to work in Japan (Contract, insurance)・Rules for working, Annual paid leave, Overtime work・Medical checkup・Face-to-face guidance by a physician・Injuries, illness, etc.・Resignation etc.・ Prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sex・Maternity leave・childcare leave・family care leave・Resignation・Dismissal


Childbirth and Parenting

Maternal and child health handbook・Prenatal health checkups・Notification of birth・Obtaining Japanese nationality for your child・Childbirth allowance・Checkup of infants・Vaccinations・Facilities for preschool-aged children etc.



Guidebook for Starting School・Education system in Japan・Elementary school and junior high school・High school・Schools for foreign nationals・Financial aid for educational expenses・Places for learning Japanese etc.



Types of medical institutions・Health insurance・National Health Insurance・Medical care system for older people aged 75 and over・Pharmacies etc.



National Pension・Premium・Insurance benefits・Disability basic pension・Old-age basic pension・Survivors’ Basic Pension・ Widow’s pension・Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments・Long-Term Care Insurance・Child Welfare・Welfare for Disabled Persons etc.



Income tax・Filing final returns・Main deductions・Year-end adjustment・Resident Tax・and other taxes・Where to Address Tax Related Inquiries etc.



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