We provide Legal Support to Foreign Residents in Japan.

A Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (Gyoseishoshi / immigration lawyer) supports foreign residents and their companies in Japan for work visa status, residential status, naturalization, starting business etc. as a national licensed legal specialist.

1 . Contact Us


Reservation form (Available 24 hours)

e-mail: info@obi-visa.com

tel:048-717-8405 (9:00-20:00 MON-SAT)

2 . Free Consultation

Please feel free to let us know where you would like us to visit.

If you request us legal services , we’ll bill you for the retainer fee (half of the total fee).

3 . Making a List of required documents

We will make a list of required documents for you. And we can also request a city hall, a tax office, and Legal Affairs Bureau to issue your certificates/documents like “Certificate of tax payment”, “Family Register”, “Residence certificate” etc. on behalf of you if you are busy and don’t have time for that.

4 . Please prepare necessary documents

Please prepare necessary documents according to the list we give you.

(Certificate of employment, Birth certificate, Academic Transcript etc.)

5 . We will prepare other important documents

Please leave important documents such as “the reason for applying the visa”, “a business plan” and other important “explanations” to us. We will prepare effective documents based on  our professional knowledge and experience.

6 . Sign the application form


7.  Filing the application on behalf of you

You are exempted from appearing to immigration bureau.

8 . Receiving a notification

We will contact you as soon as a notification from the Immigration Bureau arrives at our  office.

If permission is granted, please pay the remaining fee. Once we confirm your payment, we will give you a (new) residence card.



Q1 : What kinds of legal service does Gyoseishoshi provide in Immigration practice?

A:We take care of following procedures by filing applications to the regional Immigration Bureau on behalf of our clients.


(1)Application for Certificate of Eligibility which is required for people in a foreign country wishing to be admitted to Japan, except for visiting Japan as a Temporary Visitor.


(2)Application for Extension of Period of Stay.


(3)Application for Change of Status


(4)Application for Permanent Residence


(5)Assistance in Application for Special Permission to Stay in Japan.


Q2 : What kind of international service does Gyoseishoshi provide other than Immigration practice?

A:We provide following legal services for foreign residents and companies in Japan.


(1)Application for naturalization to acquire Japanese nationality


(2)Consultation concerning international marriage, divorce, probate etc.


(3)Proceedings and preparing legal documents for investment to Japan and establishing company etc.


(4)Support to apply for notarization of documents for foreign countries and authentication of official seal or Apostille by Ministry of Foreign Affairs


(5)Support to visa application for other countries


Q3 : Other Major Services

A:We, as a specialist for the Administrative Law and the Procedures, may obtain required governmental permission, approval and license from relevant public office for the clients by providing our expertise and observing rules, regulations and laws of Construction Business, Transport Business, Entertainment Business, Pharmaceutical Business, Industrial Waste Disposal Business, Land Development Business, and other industries.


We also prepare, as a representative, variety of legal documents for corporations or individuals and provide consultations for the said documents, which relates to rights and duties including Contract, Agreement on Distribution of Estate, Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws and Minutes of Meeting.


We provide other professional services in the new field such as Adult Guardian System or Alternative Dispute Resolution.




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